This website is dedicated to the energy and the experiences that make us human. You will find here explorations of love, fear, emotion, leadership and relationships.

You will see opportunities to enhance your spiritual and personal potential. My single aim is to help you discover and live to the fullest your true nature.

John Thomas Wood, PhD, has been in the field of personal development, spiritual discovery and organizational consulting for forty years. The author of nine books, he grew up professionally at Center for Studies of the Person in La Jolla, California, working with Carl Rogers and many others developing client-centered therapy applications to other fields of endeavor. He has worked in most major cities in this country, in Mexico and in seven European countries leading workshops and consulting.

Dr. Wood has a special interest in the philosophy and use of power and how power is used in personal relationships and organizations. His writing is clear and straightforward and his basic intention is growing individuals and organizations to their fullest and best potential. He devotes his time to writing and creating fine art prints.

His prize-winning work, called by one gallery owner “painting with a camera” has been displayed in many Northwest galleries and hangs in homes in Spokane, Seattle, Bainbridge Island, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, Richmond, New York, and Germany.