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Fine Art Photography

Take your time and explore the world that John Wood sees. Realistic and abstract images are taken from Spain, Holland, California, Vermont and the Pacific Northwest. The images will challenge the way you see and think about your world. John likes to say: “I dignify the ordinary.”


The books John has written look into major life themes: power, love, fear, leadership and the emotions. He’s also written two novels and a short guide to talking with teens about sex: “Be Strong Be Smart.”


Over the years John has written scores of essays, articles and white papers that examine issues in our personal and professional lives. Readers will find the esoteric, the practical and the spiritual in these posts. Follow this site for regular inspiration.


Take a good look around you and a deeper look at yourself. See how we are all still learning and all still trying to express these two human urges: to be powerful and to love.

The Mystery

I spent a good deal of time early in my life learning from love.…