John Thomas Wood

John Thomas Wood, PhD, has been in the field of personal development, spiritual discovery and organizational consulting for forty years. The author of nine books, he grew up professionally at Center for Studies of the Person in La Jolla, California, working with Carl Rogers and many others developing client-centered therapy applications to other fields of endeavor. He has worked in most major cities in this country, in Mexico and in seven European countries leading workshops and consulting.

Dr. Wood has a special interest in the philosophy and use of power and how power is used in personal relationships and organizations. His writing is clear and straightforward and his basic intention is growing individuals and organizations to their fullest and best potential. He devotes his time to writing and creating fine art prints.

His prize-winning work, called by one gallery owner “painting with a camera” has been displayed in many Northwest galleries and hangs in homes in Spokane, Seattle, Bainbridge Island, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, Richmond, New York, and Germany.

Author's books

Be Strong, Be Smart – a father talks with his daughter about sex

Be Strong, Be Smart – a father talks with his daughter about sex –This is a small powerful book written by a father to his 14-year-old daughter about her future sexual life. He talks about attitude, gender, fear, respect, anatomy, desire, orgasm, masturbation and, yes, love. This eye-opening read will appeal to mothers and fathers, sons and daughters everywhere; a great opportunity to read and begin a dialogue in a family.

BSBS is getting some great reviews, like this one: “I couldn’t put it down until I had read the entire book. It is fantastic, extraordinary and absolutely wonderful. Because you made it personal it felt so real and like a loving father sharing with his daughter rather than a distant or preachy book. Putting in the daughter’s response chapter was such a fine idea. I could really relate too much of what you shared — as a single mom with 3 daughters.”

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Citizen is a rich, compelling novel that interweaves the lives of individuals with the major global conflict of the 20th century. The book tells the stories of three families that struggle through the captivity and inherent racism in the internment of 120,000 Japanese Americans during World War II.

The novel focuses on Will and Molly Whitman – based on the real life publishers Walt and Milly Woodward—a young couple who are new to publishing. They have recently purchased The Bainbridge Review, a weekly that serves the small island of Bainbridge Island, Washington. Shortly after they buy the newspaper the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. Before three months pass, nearly 300 of their neighbors are rounded up and taken away to internment camps throughout the west. This is a human story of fear, courage and love. Set in a charming Northwest community and in the desert northeast of Los Angeles, the characters in Citizen live through issues that remain in today’s headlines.

Keeping Seattle Up

Keeping Seattle Up – Rex Cohm is a single parent, a psychotherapist and a man who has lost two important women in his life. Nearing mid-life he is offered, almost by accident, a radio talk show on sex.

We follow Rex through his losses, his relationship with his precocious teen daughter and his dialogues with his listeners.

Readers will be touched by his struggles, his small victories, the journey he takes with his child and the life lessons he has learned.

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Love in the Rain – a Keeping Seattle Up Novel

Love in the Rain – Set in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, this lively, stirring story follows a Seattle radio host, Rex, his ebullient lover Elaine and his precocious daughter Dorothy as they navigate close, complex relationships.

Together with two close friends, they explore the meaning of love, and sex, in their lives and discover how much they mean to each other. The callers to Rex’s show, “Keeping Seattle Up,” add their own stories of intense, intimate lives as they search for satisfaction and meaning. Love in the Rain will move you closer to the depth of your own loving experience with each chapter.

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The Heart of Power

The Heart of Power will forever change the way you look at power, relationships and organizations.

A collection of 100 aphorisms on personal power and leadership, this little book explores how power is defined and valued, how our attitudes about power shape our lives, power in intimate relationships, how we deny our power and what power means to leaders.

The Heart of Power has the potential to change your life by changing your mind and feelings about power. You will discover the basis for your power, the form it takes and the results of power, both in yourself and those around you.

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