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Makin’ It Real

MAKIN’ IT REAL One of the things we deal with when we start a therapeutic process—or encounter on our path of learning—is the relationship between the ideal self we have in our mind and the real self that walks around in this body day to day. The real self up against the ideal self is […]

Blind Hunters

On the weathered front porch made with dense white oak A covey of men sit On wounded rockers, crates and an old porch swing creaking in the vast black night   They chew and spit and sip bourbon and branch, their Coveralls and denim shirts soaked in sweat Illuminated only by a small lantern against […]

The Great Imitator

If you know something about the explosion in the sale of T-shirts after Marlon Brando wore his so well in “Streetcar Named Desire,” you will know what I’m talking about We humans are great mimics. Babies learn a great deal by watching and listening to their mothers, then doing, or trying to do, what they […]

Your True Self

“We are blind to this fact, that we are in possession of all the necessary faculties that will make us happy and loving towards one another. All the struggles that we see around us come from this ignorance… When the cloud of ignorance disappears… we see for the first time into the nature of our […]

Sunday Morning in My Mind

Sunday morning. Year 77. I come here to the edge of the continent with my canvas beach chair and my dog. I am here for my morning mind exercises. I am reading my own mind. I settle down three feet from the cliff edge, 80 feet above the ocean on Point Loma. I watch the […]