Here are some responses to the new novel, “Keeping Seattle Up.” You can get the book as an ebook or in print, on Amazon and B&N. Read on:

“Love the book!!”  Laura


“Your book is rich indeed. Your writing is beautiful, feelings expressed so poignantly and poetically, perceptions a philosophical tapestry.” Ganga


“One of the best books I’ve ever read.”   Arlene


“I am loving your book!!! It has totally engaged me. I have laughed out loud, I have smiled a lot, teared up with tenderness (to read what you write about) intimacy, your beliefs and all you are bringing people through your courageous, funny and graceful writing. I am honored to be reading your wise, witty and articulate writing and I so believe people will enjoy and benefit from reading your book!” KLW


“Just received this book and I can hardly put it down. John writes with so much humanity and searches such deep meaningful questions that so many of us share. The characters are so real and their feelings expressed so exquisitely I am delighted that at the end of each chapter he briefly tells of something he has learned. I can envision myself writing all those learnings down on a paper when I have finished the book. This is such a wonderful book I recommend it wholeheartedly.” Joyce, Amazon review


“I have never before read a novel that’s thrilling, sexy, funny, sad and scary – sometimes all on the one page! I have never seen as much sex packed into two hundred and a bit pages as I’ve seen in this book. Yet there is so much more than sex. (One chapter) is less than two pages long and is as sensitive and haunting as anything I’ve ever read. And then bang! it turns into a thriller. This writer, John Thomas Wood, ratchets up the tension in a way that Stephen King would be proud of.” Colm Herron, on Amazon


Rex is a widower with a sixteen-year-old daughter, a former girlfriend he can’t stop thinking about and a radio show on which he answers questions about relationships, sexual relationships. Meanwhile his daughter starts to question why she can’t have sex with her eighteen year old boyfriend putting Rex is a difficult position. Beautifully written, set in Seattle (which the author is clearly in love with), each chapter ends with an epiphany over love, spirituality, dealing with children, grief, loss – just about the entire spectrum of human emotions. Take time to slowly read and savor this book, as I did.

Jan, on Amazon